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About My Art

The Artist


Shaun Duffy is an abstract expressionist painter and photographer with over  25 years experience as an artist. Duffy is a graduate of the University of Vermont School of Arts and sciences who spent years studying with the great Azerbaijani- Soviet Russian artist Tahir Salahov while living and working in Moscow. Shaun has an extensive portfolio of new works available for viewing at his ocean side gallery in Scituate, Massachusetts USA. His works span many themes — nature, maritime, politics, science, and history. His artwork reflects his experiences living in Vermont, New York City, Telluride, Colorado, Moscow Russia, West Dennis Cape Cod and Scituate, Mass where he kept a studio for many years.

My Medium


 Shaun works in a variety of media including oil, acrylics and water colors. He often incorporates collage elements into his artwork and paints on canvas, wood, rice paper, old computers, mailboxes, and anything else that inspires him. An accomplished photographer and drone photographer, Shaun uses filters and other technical adjustments to enhance his photographs to tell a certain story. 



I relate to Michelangelo's famous quote that 'every block of stone has a statue inside of it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it'. This is how I approach my work, a process of discovery for each new picture. The work awaits me to set it free, to give it a place and a voice among us. I believe each painting contains an opportunity for the viewer to discover something about me and about themselves. Contained within each picture lies a message from me to you. A message about love, hope and kindness for all.